Be part of a Music and Beyond video!

This is your chance to be part of a Music and Beyond video! You are being invited to join a video performance of Carl Reinecke’s Kinder-Symphonie (Toy Symphony). The complete final performance will be released as part of Music and Beyond’s twelve-day video offering, The Twelve Days of Christmas, which runs from December 10 to December 21, 2021.

As well, Music and Beyond will offer the following prizes:

1st Place: $250.00
2nd Place (2 winners): $100.00 each
3rd Place (10 winners!): $50.00 each

Here is how to participate:

Step 2

Choose your instrument(s) from the following list:

Nightingale (in G). Click here for more information on this instrument!
Cuckoo (can be played on recorder). Click here for more information on this instrument!
Trumpet/Toy Trumpet (In both cases, instruments must play the notes concert G and D)
Toy Drum

Violin I
Violin II
Cello (can also be played on Double Bass)

Step 5

You will hear a short introduction with music. Then there will be 20 seconds of silence. You will then hear two half-note beats followed by four quarter-note beats. Then the first bar of the music begins and you get to join in. We will take the repeat. Try to play EXACTLY with the musicians on this track.

Step 6

Now you’re ready to record!

1.Position your camera or device in landscape mode: horizontal, 16:9 mode

2.Listen to the soundtrack we have provided on a different device through headphones or earphones. Your video should only have the sound of you playing, not our soundtrack. Smile. Do your best to play EXACTLY with the musicians on the recorded track you are playing along with.

3.Watch it to make sure it is ok. Do it as many times as you like until you are really happy with your performance!

4. More than anything, have fun!

Step 7

Now you are ready to enter! Click here to fill out your submission form and upload your video. If there is more than one person performing, you may send in a video with more than one person playing. You may send in more than one video, as long as you are playing a different instrument on each track. Please remember to fill out one submission form per entry, as you will need to indicate your instrument. Please submit your video(s) by 11:59 pm EDT on Sunday, December 12th, 2021.

By uploading your video, you are consenting to Music and Beyond using it in our final video should your submission be chosen.

Thank You!