Soplica Sliwkowa



Soplica is one of the older brands of Polish pure and flavoured vodka, having been first produced in 1891 (in a factory that was opened in 1888). Soplica Sliwkowa Plum is a juicy, super delicious take on plum, giving you the tart skin and the sweet flesh all in one. Up for a fruity vodka with a twist? Then the Soplica plum is exactly the stuff you seek. The Soplica name is one of the most recognised in Poland, thanks to its age-old distillation process. Pure water, grain and rye form the base, and you can taste the freshness from the first sip. Enjoy in true Polish fashion-sipped slightly chilled-or add a dash of soda and some ice for a refreshing take.

Valued at $30.00

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