Frequently Asked Questions and Situations

What do I say if….

1. Patron to Usher

“When are you going to release the reserved seats? No one ever sits in these and I was one of the first people in line.”

Suggested response

“We have reserved seats for all of our diamond pass holders and special guests. If they arrive late, we need to ensure that they have a seat. In the past we have reserved more than necessary, this year our counting is more precise. We will not be releasing these seats.”

2. Patron at the front door of DC

30 minutes before doors open. “Can I come in and use the washroom?

Suggested response

“Yes, but I would ask that you enter by the side doors as not to disturb the rehearsal.

3. There is someone videotaping the concert on their cellphone

Suggested response

Approach the patron and pass them the card that indicates that no filming or photography is permitted.

4. There is a baby crying in the audience.

Suggested response

“Would you please follow me?” Guide the person out of the concert and show them a place where they can quiet the child.

5. There is an adult who you suspect has mental difficulties in the audience who is making too much noise and bothering other patrons.

Suggested response

“Are you here with someone?” If answer is no, explain that it is important to be very quiet during the performance. If they do not quiet down ask them to come with you and escort out of the concert venue.

6. Patron to Usher

“I am accompanying this person who has a disability. Do I need a ticket?”

Suggested response

“No, you don’t need a ticket. Thanks for coming.”

7. Patron to Usher

“This is not the seat I usually sit in. I have been waiting in line for an hour and I expected a better seat.”

Suggested response

“I apologize that this is not your usual seat, however given that this is a sold-out concert And you have a general admission ticket, we cannot guarantee that you will always have your preferred seating. Is there somewhere else you would prefer to sit.”

8. Patron to Usher

“I am unable to hear/see the musicians from where I am sitting. Do you have a better seat?”

Suggested response

“I am sorry, this is a sold-out concert and this is the best seat available. In the future, if it is really important for you to sit close to the front, I suggest that you buy a reserved ticket for the busy concerts.”

9. Patron at DC 1 st floor

“Are there any other washrooms? I can use this line is really long”

Suggested response

“Yes, there are additional washrooms in the basement and on the 2 nd floor.

10. Usher to House Manager

“When can we let the patrons into the building it is raining / very hot outside”.

Suggested response

“We can let the patrons into the building in X minutes (depends on when rehearsal and when setup are completed).Could you please down the pass holder line and escort anyone who needs to come in earlier (older or disabled) to the back of the church via the side entrance.”

11. Patron to Box Office or Usher

“I forgot my pass at home.” or “I lost my pass.”

Suggested response:

“Please give me your name and you can go in tonight. Tomorrow please call the office to obtain and new pass.”

12. Patron to Usher

“My husband is parking the car and my friends will be here soon.”

Suggested response

“I realize that parking is difficult. We would ask you to respect others patrons and only save one seat. You can see your friends at intermission.”

13. Patron to Usher at intermission

“The program is not the same as what is in the program book. Do you have a copy of the program changes?”

Suggested response

Patron to Usher at intermission: “I will check with the House Manager and get you a copy.”

14. Patron to Usher

“I would like to buy a copy of the CD, but I don’t have cash. Can I use Visa?”

Suggested response:

Box Office or Usher: “I am sorry, but we are only accepting cash purchases for CDs this year. The nearest ATM is at ……..” (Note we need to have this information for the larger venues)

15. Patron to Usher

“I have lost my cellphone. Do you have a lost and found?”

Suggested response

“Yes, we do. Please check with the House Manager. All found items will be sent to the office at the end of the night, so please call the office in the morning if we can not locate it.”

16. Patron to Box Office

“I would like to buy a festival-plus pass for Bach: Mass in B Minor or a Family pass for the Cumberland Village”

Suggested response

Box Office: “We have festival-plus passes for Bach: Mass in B Minor” – “I can sell you a Family pass that is valid for any regular concert. Would you like one for four or five people.”

17. Patrons pushing into the hall in front of others as they enter the church.

Suggested response:

“Excuse me, could you please wait a moment until this woman/man enters the sanctuary.” Patrons pushing into the hall in front of others as they enter the church.

18. Artist to Stage Manager

“Can you suggest a good restaurant for dinner?”

Suggested response

“What type of food do you like? There is lots of variety on Elgin Street and in the market.”

19. Pass Holder to Usher

“Why are you letting that line in first? I have been waiting here for an hour!”

Suggested response

“The people who are in this line have a ticket for this specific event and are guaranteed a seat. We will make sure as many pass holders as possible get into this event. You will be let in next.”

Note – For busy concerts – let pass holders know what else is going on while they are waiting in line

20. Artist to House Manager

“Can you sell my CDs and can I have the money at the end of the show?

Suggested response

“Yes, I have someone who can do that for you and we can give you the cash less the 10% at the end of the show.

21. Usher on Media table

Someone arrives with an pass from a previous year and their name is not on the list of approved media people.

Suggested response

“We have a new policy this year and your name is not on the list of approved media personnel. You can purchase a pass or a ticket for this performance if you’d like”

Note: if this becomes an issue – refer the person to the House Manager and then the office.