Valerie M. Douglas


Valerie Douglas is a former senior scientist in the government of Canada with over 35 years of experience in managing projects dealing with environmental and regulatory development.  She has significant experience in governance strategies, negotiations, consensus building and managed projects in the US, Australia, Indonesia, among others. Currently she manages a consulting business, DES Inc. in areas of environmental policy and sustainability. 

 Valerie has served on a number of professional boards including as president of the Board of the Air and Waste Management Association, and the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome.  

 Valerie has extensive training in piano and voice and has sung with a number of excellent choirs in Canada and the US. She is former president of the Cantata Singers of Ottawa, and Board member of Opera Lyra Ottawa. She was also a producer of the Savoy Society of Ottawa theatrical group. She has been on the Board of Music and Beyond since 2011.  

 She brings many years of involvement in promoting the arts in Ottawa, a broad knowledge of the arts scene, and an understanding of the challenges in developing and growing new programs and new venues for artistic endeavours.